Innotech Insights ltd was established in 2015, dedicated to our vision of bringing unbiased technological innovation to Transportation and Pedestrian Data Collection, Public Safety and Urban Emissions Monitoring. We believe in the strength of reputation through quality and reliability, building relationships on confidence.

As the industry's true technology developer, we have successfully created leading off-grid hardware including but not limited to redeployment CCTV, Pedestrian Tracking Systems and real world, live Emissions Monitoring Units. All our technologies are powered by our cutting edge proprietary Lithium battery and solar systems, creating a unique range of technologies that on every level are ahead of anything previously seen.

2017 started with Insights gaining industry recognition on a global scale with technology sales in three new countries and our appointment of a Business Development Manager for the North American market. We are looking to expand on our technological advancements by releasing our proprietary cloud platform that will allow our clients to collect, analyse, interrogate and present clear, tangible data from several source technologies in one place, anywhere in the world. 

Our mission is to prove that data can be collected and presented more efficiently, more accurately and more cost effectively. We have created a leading brand of data collection that our clients from both the public and private sectors, domestically and worldwide can utilise to solve more complex problems, faster.

Meet The Directors

Liam Wright - Managing Director

Liam Wright is a technology and research leader in the People Movement Sector.

With over a decade at the forefront of technological development and application in Transportation Data Collection, Liam switched his focus in 2015 to pedestrian movement data founding Innotech Insights to lead the way in independent, unbiased research and created Crowded™, the first automated data collection, analysis and visualisation tool. His firm belief that accurate, transparent and immediate information should, can and will be made available directly to those with whom major decisions lie concerning people movement will ultimately improve every aspect of the sustainable built environment from public safety, information systems and user experience to congestion, travel cost and urban pollution levels.